101 tips to increase your site traffic today!


Most web workers dream of a very popular site, a lot of traffic. It’s a great way to generate leads and support your business.

However, dreaming is useless – the key is to act.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no secret to increased website traffic. It all comes down to hard work, consistent effort over a longer or shorter period of time, and understanding the fundamentals of marketing.

There are thousands of ways to increase your site traffic, but if you’re stuck for ideas, here are 101 simple tips to get started right away. Enjoying!

Content is king

  1. Write catchy headlines.
  2. Write one great content – create a site with informative, useful, funny, entertaining or inspiring articles.
  3. write down future articleslonger – expand your content and create truly epic content.
  4. write down short messages – follow Seth Godin’s example with captivating yet short posts.
  5. write often – the more content you produce, the better.
  6. Plan your content, be consistent so that you always have an article to offer your readers.
  7. make lists – articles containing lists get more traffic than other articles.
  8. Write articles about current topics.
  9. Write about topics trends on Twitter.
  10. Search forums in your company to see what people are talking about and write an article about it.
  11. Ask your readers what they want you to write.
  12. write about a topic controversial and start a debate.
  13. Use the technique of linkbaiting to write content that promotes mass sharing and link building.
  14. Analyze your stats to discover your most popular content and create others with a different angle.
  15. Interview influential people in your niche/industry.
  16. make a list of “best blogs” and warn the bloggers you quote – flattery can’t hurt ;D

Increase your traffic with multimedia

  1. To use photos and images catchy to attract attention.
  2. To create pinterest images to encourage people to pin your posts.
  3. Create an interesting infographic and share it on the networks.
  4. your download videos on YouTube or Vimeo – make sure there is a link to your site embedded in the video description and in the video itself.
  5. Produce podcast and distribute them through iTunes.
  6. Convert some of your content to presentation and share it on SlideShare.
  7. Join one webinar.
  8. Transcribe your articles in videos or audio transcription for additional content.

Be social

  1. make a Facebook page for your blog. Use it to communicate with your readers and post notifications when you publish a new blog post.
  2. Tweet all your messages when you post them.
  3. Link your content on your Google+ page when you post them.
  4. Use software like Buffer to post automatically on social networks at the best time of the day.
  5. Link your old messages on your social media accounts.
  6. Join Pinterest and use the audience of collaborating tables other bloggers.
  7. Pin images regularly from other sites. The more you pin, the more attention you get from other Pinterest users. Make sure your blog address is entered correctly in your profile!
  8. Create a blog tumblr and add content related to your activity, as well as content from your site or blog.
  9. Create an account instagram and notify your followers when you post a new post.
  10. Comment on other blogs with relevant and useful comments.
  11. make connections “generous” to other bloggers.
  12. Part the posts of others on Facebook and retweet useful information for your readers.
  13. Create partnerships with other bloggers through their blog, email or social media – build relationships.
  14. Follow all fans other influential bloggers in your niche on Twitter.
  15. Involving social sharing buttons in all your content.
  16. Create links to other sites in your blog’s sidebar and add sharing buttons from other sites.
  17. to write spicy sentences in your content and use Clicktotweet to encourage sharing on Twitter.
  18. Encourage engagement on your blog by completing your content by a question.
  19. Link all your articles To trip.
  20. Add some users that Twitter recommends you follow every day – some will follow you back.
  21. Respond to comments and emails – show your readers that you care about what they have to say
  22. Join them facebook groups and blogging communities to share knowledge and help promote others’ content.
  23. Create a profile LinkedIn with a link to your blog and contribute to groups and discussions in your field.
  24. Submit your best messages Digg and Reddit.
  25. Add your favorite blogs to your blogroll.
  26. Ask your blog friends to include you in their blog blog roll.
  27. Collaborate with other bloggers to produce content to share.

Guest posts and link building

  1. Post a guest post on other blogs – try to post one every week on a new blog.
  2. Add a link to your blog any profile audience you have.
  3. Setting up one free blog linked to your activity with additional content on Blogger, LiveJournalTypePad etc. with references to your main blog.
  4. Invite other bloggers to post on your blog – this will drive traffic to your site by passing the article they wrote on your site.
  5. Mention your blog in as much as possibleblog directories that you can.
  6. Do interviews from other blogs.
  7. Participate in articles and other blog animations.
  8. Add your blog URL to your email signature.
  9. Publish useful information in the forums related to your niche and include your blog URL in your signature.
  10. Post helpful articles on sites like Hub pages and Squidoo with links to your blog.
  11. Submit articles to article directories such as E-zine. If your article is republished on another blog, you will benefit from additional links.
  12. write down Press releases by linking to your blog.
  13. Use a tool like Open Site Explorer to find out from which sources your competitors get links and to copy their strategy.
  14. Add your blog to Technorati.
  15. Link your blog on the Amazon Kindle.

Increase traffic with SEO

  1. Link your blog posts together – link to old posts from new and edit old posts to link to newer ones
  2. Install one matchmaking plugin to link each article to similar articles.
  3. Use a keyword research tool to write about questions that many people are searching for.
  4. Install one SEO plugin such as All in One SEO or Yoast to optimize your site for search engines.
  5. Use relevant keywords in your image file names and alt tags.
  6. To use keywords in the title of your article and in the subtitles.
  7. Create links to authority sites in your industry.
  8. Configure theGoogle authorization on your blog.

Create e-books and giveaways

  1. give gifts to your readers.
  2. Put a form on your site so they can sign up for one a free newsletter.
  3. Publish an eBook and offer it for free on the Amazon Kindle. Make sure your site URL is in the first paragraph of the book so that it is present in the description of the eBook.
  4. Write an eBook and offer a generous affiliate committee to encourage others to distribute it and link to your site.
  5. Create content for free and ask your visitors to do so Tweeter or like on Facebook to access it.
  6. Offer an online course or digital product and encourage your readers to talk about it in their community.

Offline traffic acquisition

  1. Add your blog URL to your business cards and hand them out to people you meet.
  2. Attend blog conferences and events – take the opportunity to hand out your business cards!
  3. To speak at conferences and events.
  4. To talk with your friends and family from your blog.

Several ideas to increase your traffic

  1. Join blog contests.
  2. Answer the questions secure Yahoo! Answers and leave a link to your site.
  3. Ping your blog with pingomatic.
  4. Create a WordPress theme and include a link to your site in the footer (non-optimized anchor).
  5. Choose one nice theme for your blog, it improves your credibility.
  6. Do product reviews and share them with brands. They can link to your site from their social accounts.
  7. Suggest a great blogger to be your mentor and study together the possible improvements you can make to your blog.
  8. Suggest royalty-free photos on sites like flickr and ask those who use them to create a link for you.
  9. Link to your RSS feed.
  10. Link to your blog Bloglovin ‘.
  11. Link your articles the most popular from the sidebar of your blog.
  12. Find old articles and modify them from time to time to update and improve them.
  13. Optimize your website for mobile viewing.
  14. Add different ways to access your content, such as categories and archives.
  15. Add one search function on your blog.
  16. Create an app for iPhone or Android.
  17. Help people solve their problems – they will recommend you and send you traffic.

That’s it, I think that should be more than enough to get you started, but if you have any other ideas feel free to leave them in the comments.

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