4 alternatives to Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics reference tool in the world for performing web analytics. It is free, powerful, and easily usable. But, with the new  RGPD standards, Google Analytics no longer allows the collection of information on the browsing mode of Internet users without the “  consent cookie ”. On the other hand, other equally effective analytical tools can be real alternatives to  Google Analytics.

Matomo (formerly Piwik)

Developed by a Frenchman,  Matomo is an open-source solution that, in addition to serving as a web analytics tool, can allow you to import your historical data from Google Analytics. Compared to Google Analytics, which uses the personal information of its users, the line of conduct adopted by Matomoto is respect for privacy and full control of the user over it.

This web analytics tool provides services like heatmapsA/B testing,  conversion funnels, goal trackers, and many other features. Matomo also offers the possibility to the user to host it on his own server if he is concerned about the sensitive data that is found there. At the same time, it offers cloud hosting on servers based in France.

In addition, Matomo can be used without cookie consent and offers great functionality. A factor that makes it particularly interesting for WebAnalytics consultants and agencies in the context of GDPR compliance

Yandex Metrica


Russian web analytics service offered by  Yandex, Yandex Metrica

is it 100% free? It is a very powerful tool that allows you to perform many very interesting operations. Some of its features include form analysis,  session analysis,  and heat maps.

Form analysis which is directly integrated into Yandex Metrica allows you to analyze the performance of your forms and their fields. Session analysis, on the other hand, is different from what Google Analytics offers. Indeed, with Yandex Metrica, it is not a question of making a calculation of the number of sessions, but rather of analyzing, improving, and optimizing the user experience.

Moreover, with this tool, you can have the percentage of users who have active ad blockers on your site. Yandex Metrica is today one of the most used in terms of web analysis.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe also has its analytical tool and is a good alternative to Google Analytics. But unlike other web analytics tools, Adobe Analytics is part of  Adobe Experience Cloud which is a collection of integrated web marketing and analytics products designed by Adobe Inc.

It allows you:

  • To collect and measure data on the use of your sites;
  • Explore and better understand the real needs of your users;
  • To make prediction models, etc.

Adobe offers several very interesting features through its tools to allow you to carry out good web analyzes. On the other hand, it is a paid software whose price list varies according to the category (company, individual, etc.) of the user.

AT Internet


AT Internet is also a French web analysis product. It is a tool that is legally exempt from the “cookie consent” standard. One of the big advantages of AT Internet in terms of web analysis is that it takes into account all audience data, unlike Google Analytics, which performs sampling.

It has a very wide functional palette that allows you to carry out markings,  navigation and user experience analyses,  business analyses,  dashboards, etc. It also helps you in the configuration of your solution and its compliance with the recommendations of the CNIL.

In addition, analytical data from AT Internet is stored on European servers. Note, however, that this is a paid tool.

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