55 article ideas for your business blog

Out of inspiration? The white screen is waiting for you, you have run out of ideas for articles for your blog? You are totally desperate, come on, don’t worry, you are not the only one or the last one this happens to. I may be able to help you.

Recently I spoke with a small business owner about his blog that had been dormant for a while. He had put down some ideas for articles for his blog on a notepad and he asked me if I could take a look.

Back at the office, I started thinking about this list. So here is a suggestion of 56 blog post ideas that can help you write your next posts and boost your inspiration. (Would love to hear your suggestions, leave yours in the comments below).

55 article ideas for your blog

  1. What are the most frequently asked questions from your customers?
  2. What is the biggest misconception people have about your company?
  3. What are the biggest myths in your business?
  4. What do your customers need to know to make the right purchasing decisions?
  5. What is the story behind the founding of your company?
  6. What does your company name mean?
  7. Guide customers when ordering?
  8. What is the story behind your new product or service?
  9. What are the truths your customers need to hear?
  10. Who are the people who work for your company?
  11. What are the first three things someone should know to become an expert in your field?
  12. What customer success stories can you share?
  13. What is a day in the life of your company?
  14. What behind-the-scenes insight can you give of your business?
    (Start a survey or poll to find out)
  15. What is your opinion about your company?
  16. How do you involve your staff?
  17. What is your company missing to become even better?
  18. What makes your company so special?
  19. What is your strategy to attract new customers?
  20. What are the most common mistakes you see in your industry?
  21. What are the main elements (news / tips / opinions) of the past week in your sector?
  22. Write an open letter to….
  23. Write about legislative changes that may affect your industry
  24. What are your customers facing?
  25. What’s the biggest news in your industry – and what does it mean for your customers?
  26. What would you recommend your customers read or watch?
  27. What are the lessons you learned last year?
  28. Have a relevant checklist for your customers to do.
  29. Create a printable/template to help customers reach their goal
  30. What were the milestones of a conference or event you attended?
  31. What are the latest trends in your industry?
  32. Which leader in your company could you interview?
  33. Which of your team could you interview?
  34. What’s the best suggestion you’ve made to a customer?
  35. Which quote could apply to your company?
  36. What’s the most innovative use you’ve seen for one of your products?
  37. Which customer could you interview?
  38. Write a lecture or presentation you have given
  39. What has been the biggest challenge for your company in the past year?
  40. What question might your customers ask you to create a new item?
  41. Which two products could you compare?
  42. Which two strategies could you compare?
  43. What discussion/debate has recently taken place in your company that you could summarize?
  44. What is the history of your company – from the beginning to today.
  45. Make a prediction?
  46. Summarize the past year.
  47. Provide instructions on the values ​​to follow
  48. Review a tool, product or service that is relevant to your customers
  49. Create a prize/reward for your company
  50. What are the biggest secrets in your industry?
  51. Make a video or audio podcast of someone on your team every week
  52. What was the funniest thing that happened in your company this week?
  53. What is your greatest passion?
  54. What mistakes have you made and what have you learned from them?
  55. Provide a list of influential people to follow in your activity (social networks, blogs, etc.)

And you, what would you like to add?

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