A useful user-generated plugin for a voting contest

Have you ever seen those voting contests where contestants upload an image or video and then the audience votes to see who has the best entry? They have become quite a popular way for brands to attract user-generated content and engage visitors.

The plugin I’m testing today allows you to add photo contests, video contests, or even Instagram contests right from your WordPress dashboard. It’s well put together and comes with incredibly detailed features/settings.

So if you are intrigued by the concept of using WordPress to run user generated content contests, keep reading my WP Photo Vote Review to learn more about it. Plugin for voting for contests that WordPress has to offer.

WP Photo Vote Review: The Feature List

Okay, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “user-generated content contest”, here’s an example from a major brand:

Users submit content and other people vote on who has the best content to determine a winner. That’s what WP Foto Vote helps you do right from your WordPress dashboard.

It does this by giving your WordPress site these new powers:

  • Create user-generated content contests based on Instagram images, videos, or posts
  • Users can publicly upload their content through a front-end form
  • Entries will automatically appear in the order you select
  • Users can vote for the best
  • You can manage everything from the backend with tons of data

And to streamline this process, WP Photo Vote comes with:

  • Tons of anti-fraud measures to make sure people can’t easily play the game with fake votes
  • Tons of different pre-made styles for your matches
  • A drag and drop form builder to customize the input form
  • Optional social login or subscription before users can vote
  • If enabled, you can collect voter data to add to your newsletter
  • Lightbox galleries that allow visitors to zoom in on each item
  • Optional countdowns to add urgency
  • Shortcodes to display different parts of your match wherever you want

Overall, it’s a pretty powerful plugin. I was really surprised by how detailed it is. While I know of third-party SaaS that offer similar functionality, these services tend to be quite expensive. So getting all these features in a one-off WordPress plugin is very attractive.

Practice with WP Photo Vote

The developer set up a test site for me on their own server, so I can’t speak to the actual plugin installation process. Instead, I’ll go straight into the setup and process of creating a photo voting contest.

I’m starting to create a new match because I think it will provide better context when I show you the Settings tongue.

Create a photo contest with WP Photo Vote

To create a new photo contest, go to Photo Contest → Add New. On the new add page, all for you to have just give it a name. But the plugin can also automatically create a post or page to host your contest, which is a great time-saving feature:

You are then ready to set more details about your match.

In the Voting settings option, you can configure the duration of the contest and your type of vote. You can choose between:

  • Vote +1 single
  • Star rating

Then you can also choose the type of security for your match. This is a really cool feature to prevent voter fraud from ruining your contests. You can start with basic security like:

  • IP + Cookie + Evercookie
  • Cookies only (not recommended as people can just open an incognito tab)

And you can also add additional security measures, such as:

  • Social login
  • Registration form
  • WordPress user account

And you can also indicate how many votes each person is allowed to have for a chosen period:

By scrolling down you can choose how many winners to select and how they will be selected:

Below, in the Download settings box, you can choose how people upload photos and whether or not those photos should be moderated. You can also add limits and redirects here:

And finally, you can also choose your upload form (I’ll show you how to create a custom form in a minute) and some design settings related to:

  • Social settings
  • Whether or not to show a countdown
  • Which lightbox to use

And then I want to show you one more thing here. The plugin gives you several shortcodes that you can use to display different parts of your contest in different places on your site:

This is useful if, for example, you want to include the countdown in a message (but no other content).

Once the installation is complete, your match will be live! Here’s a quick demo I made:


Users can vote by clicking the heart icon:

And they can upload their own photo via the upload form:

And in case you were wondering, I was toying with voter fraud detection. For example, I voted once and then opened an incognito tab to…

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