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Increasing your online store’s sales isn’t just about finding more customers, it’s about getting them After of every customer you’ve ever found. In other words, increasing your average order value can help you generate more revenue from the same number of customers.

Iconic sales booster helps you implement different techniques to achieve this – to increase your average order value and sell more products.

You can list products that are “frequently bought together” and that “customers have also bought…”. In addition, you can easily create order boosts and cross-sells with one click that appear after you have completed the checkout process.

Keep reading our full Iconic Sales Booster review for a hands-on look at what this plugin can do and how it works.

Iconic Sales Booster Review: The Feature List

I’ve covered some of the high-level features above, but let’s dig a little deeper into the list of features and then I’ll show you how it works.

Iconic Sales Booster basically helps you set up four types of offers:

  1. Products that are often bought together – displays these additional products on the individual product page and allows shoppers to add all products to their cart at once (or to select specific products with a check box).
  2. After adding to cart – displays these products in a modal popup after a user adds the item to their cart. The slogan is “Customers also bought”.
  3. Control bump – displays a special offer during the checkout process that buyers can easily add to their cart.
  4. Cross-selling after payment – gives buyers the option to add an item to their order after they click the button to place their order. They can do this with just one click, instead of having to repeat the entire checkout process. This makes it really frictionless for shoppers.

You can also customize the text and design of these offers, and for order bumps and post-checkout cross-sells, you can offer special product discounts.

Finally you get something basic analysis to see your order conversion rates increase and cross-sell after checkout.

Let’s dig in and I’ll show you how it all works.

Practice with Iconic Sales Booster

Sales Booster is quite easy to use which is a big plus in my opinion.

Let’s take a look at the different types of offers you can create…

“Frequently Bought Together” and “After Adding To Cart”

Let’s start with these two types of offers:

  • Products that are often bought together
  • After adding to cart

You will understand exactly what these deals do as Amazon relies heavily on both tactics while I will show you for comparison.

To configure these two types of offers, you will get a new one Increase sales tab in the regular Product data box when editing a specific WooCommerce product.

To add the products, just click in the corresponding box and enter the product name:

Simple, right? Now let’s see how they actually work…

First there is the Products that are often bought together option which, again, is displayed directly on the individual product page:

Iconic sales booster often bought together

Here’s a tactic Amazon uses to good effect – you can see how the UX is quite similar, with the checkboxes and bulk add to cart button:

Amazon often bought together

Then the After adding to cart products appear as a modal popup immediately after a customer adds the product to their cart:

customers also bought

Again, this is another strategy Amazon uses, and you can see how the UX is quite similar again (although Amazon uses a slideout instead of a popup):

Amazon customers also bought

So basically these functions are:

  • Super easy to implement.
  • Successfully used by the largest e-commerce store in the world.

Command bumps

In addition to the two offers above, Sales Booster also allows you to create two other types of offers:

  • Control bump
  • Cross-selling after payment

More importantly, you can activate both types of offers based on specific products in a user’s cart.

Let’s take a look at the command bumps first…

To set up a new bump command, go to Boost sales → Increase orders → Add new.

There you have a little wizard to help you configure it.

First you choose the products that trigger the order jump. You can activate it for all products or for specific products. If you choose specific products, you can dig deeper by determining whether all these products must be in a customer’s shopping cart, or if so each of these products it will activate:

Then choose the product you want to offer as an order form. You can also give them a special discount, which is a handy way to give buyers a one-time deal:

Finally, you can customize the text and appearance of the command bump:

After you publish it, see how it works for your buyers.

They add one of the triggers to their cart and start the checkout process. Then above the To order clicks, they see the bundle, which they can add to their order with just one click:

Increase in Iconic Sales Booster orders

Cross-selling after payment

The idea with one cross-selling after payment is similar – the …

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