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In this GoodLife WordPress theme review, we are going to take a closer look at this new WordPress theme. It is a theme specially created to help you make your magazine or news website a success.

With the growing number of ready-made demo modes in the GoodLife pack, no matter what the magazine or news website is about, you should be able to find a style to match. And if not, you’ll find an integrated drag-and-drop premium page builder that lets you modify existing templates or create your own, with no coding required. A streamlined blog mode is also included, so if you’re considering a more traditional blog-style website, GoodLife is also worth considering.

A streamlined blog mode is also included, so if you’re considering a more traditional blog style website, GoodLife is also worth considering.

Combining a modern look and design with a great feature set, GoodLife aims to be a WordPress theme that can help you take your magazine website to the next level in 2016. So let’s see what exactly is on offer in our GoodLife WordPress theme review.

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Features of GoodLife Magazine WordPress theme

GoodLife GoodTech WordPress theme review

The main highlight of GoodLife magazine’s theme is the aforementioned library of demo versions. These pre-made demo modes can be applied to your WordPress website in just a few clicks and transform the entire look of your site.

GoodLife GoodLook WordPress theme review

At the time of writing, there are seven demos to choose from, although you can expect that number to increase over time. Currently, the list of topics for which the demo sites were created includes lifestyle websites, tech sites, sports blogs, gamer websites, women’s websites, music blogs, and game design.

GoodLife GoodGame WordPress theme review

While each of the demo versions is distinctly different from each other, they share some common features. Typically, these features include:

Full page sliders

GoodLife WordPress Theme Review Slider

Full-screen responsive slideshows make it easy to display a selection of your best content on your website’s home page. Your readers can then scroll through the articles until they find one that catches their eye.

Place carousels

GoodLife WordPress Theme Review Carousel

Another tool that makes it easy for your visitors to view your articles in one place is the post carousel feature. Thanks to the carousel, your visitors can click through or browse the list of publications before clicking on one of the publications to read the full article.

GoodLife WordPress Mega Menus Theme Review

Since chances are your magazine or news website has a lot of content, it’s good to see a mega menu available. These improved menus make it easier for your visitors to find the content they’re looking for, thanks to the multi-level drop-down menus you can add to your site.

With the Mega menus of the GoodLife theme you can add a wide variety of media to the drop-down menus. This includes images and videos, making your menus more than just a collection of text links.

Multiple article page templates

GoodLife WordPress Theme Review Layouts

Just like print magazines and newspapers use different layouts for their articles, you can also use the GoodLife theme. With five article page templates provided at the time of writing, you can easily apply the right layout to your content.

Page builder tool

GoodLife WordPress Theme Review Visual Composer

One of the premium WordPress plugins in the GoodLife theme pack is always popular Visual Composer drag and drop page builder. Visual Composer makes it easy to create custom layouts for your posts and pages, all without writing any code.

visual composer contains a host of useful elements that can be inserted into your layouts, including many features that you would otherwise have to purchase another plugin to access. In addition to being able to create your own layouts from scratch, you can also use this tool to customize any of the included templates, opening up a whole world of possibilities for your site.

Dynamic image size

To help your website make the most of the different screen sizes it is viewed on, the GoodLife magazine WordPress theme will automatically adjust the size and shape of the images you add to your website to fill the screen as much as possible .

GoodLife WordPress Theme Review Galleries

Other notable features that you will find in the GoodLife theme and its numerous demo versions are:

  • Rating system and user reviews
  • Event Lists
  • Several galleries and video pages
  • Selection of different heading styles
  • Social media integration
  • Advertising management
  • Optimized for speed and search
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Popular Articles widget
  • $114 premium plugins

Although GoodLife WordPress theme is a recently released product, it has already been updated with more features and demo versions added to the collection. Therefore, it is safe to assume that as this theme matures, more and more features and elements will be added.

Using GoodLife WordPress theme

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