Fifty Shades of Grey… Hat!

A catchy title (you admit it), which reflects the news (cinema, OK!) and allows me to play with words as I rarely (?) usually do. My last article dates from the Greek calendar, which was necessary to attract attention anyway. Joking aside, why title “50 Shades of Gray Hat”? Simply because in this New Year 2015 where everyone is coming out with their own just to predict that the worst things will happen in SEO soon, it’s kind of inappropriate for most of them to write out loud what they absolutely do not think softly. So act!

Let’s get into the SERP

For our introduction to the golden triangle banned from Google the prudish, we will have to be cunning and sneak up under the girl’s skirt, without her noticing us. How to reach the G-spot, sensibly stay in the background, when you win the cup, you have to wet it… your shirt!

The art and the way

Your domain is (for example) erotic toys (sic!). The suitors are numerous, and everyone jostles to lie in the matrimonial bed. You, you are what we call a “3 minute shower included”: that is, the kind of guy who doesn’t engage in foreplay. It’s bad luck because the girl is shy and doesn’t like showing her panties too quickly. No matter, armed with your courage and filled with testosterone, you will court him like never before.

Patience is the mother of all virtues

If for you the word patience is your ex’s first name, you are on the right track. The lady of color who makes the weather rain and shine around her can’t really afford to make too pretentious demands, at the risk of running out of courtiers. She therefore adapts to a few violations of decency, given her rank: you, little evil one, like a Marquis de Sade, you will take advantage of to tickle her well, putting it right under her nose. your mess.

Make it short but do it right!

Like we just said, you’re a man in a hurry. You have nothing to do with the frolic of a frightened young lady and what you want most of all is to finish. So the time to take action comes and for that you get out of your wallet, your first move: the purchase of expired domains. How ? So for the first time, do you dare to take her from behind and give her a little in the back?

Shame is for the cold, and it is better to be forgiven than to ask permission. But you’re treacherous, you don’t throw everything right in her face, no, you wait a minute, you let her languish, stroking towards her the desire of said young lady: your domains, you let them ripen a little, keep them warm, and when they are ready, forward them to your main asset. Lady Google sees nothing but fire, the domains are on point, their content comforts and flatters her. Attack number 1 straight on target.

Take action without thinking about tomorrow

You are in a hurry, we understand that. But not stupid. You know very well that your first attack will not be enough to drag you into his bed for life. And then the morning that gets disillusioned, you, it knows you. By running too many hares at once, you often stuff it behind your ear. To overcome this sad reality, you have one more trick up your sleeve: the beauty loves to hear stories, true or false, it doesn’t matter. What excites him are the long novels addressed to him now a few years ago. She misses it, no one bothers to satisfy her completely anymore. You quickly understood that to take him to the 7th heaven, your appearance will not be enough. And bang, second jerk: the Rotate content. Which means ?

Man in a hurry or not, finally, you will have to pay in person, but you don’t have the soul of a storyteller. So you’ve come up with an idea for the next parade. Like Scheherazade, in the palace of One Thousand and One Nights: you will tell her the same story every night, but begin differently, carefully avoiding telling her the end. The greedy will not be able to help, but will want to know the rest and will keep you with her night after night. End of the second act, you are in his bed.

Shame on everyone who thinks wrong

Unfortunately, what Beauty doesn’t know is that you’re a racer. serps. Despite your comfortable situation, you can’t help but look away. And the menu is quite tempting. Except the Lady doesn’t hear it that way. She warned you: any infringement will result in a severe penalty, her two Norman wardrobes, Panda and Penguin, have been waiting for this from the beginning of your relationship, to give you a taste of their sandbox.

You don’t care about the warnings, so give it a try: other naughty girls are just waiting for you to come and tickle them. You only listen to your desire and play adultery with your new suitors. And what would you risk, you are the boss’s husband. So you go there like a nag: go ahead and I’ll hit you here, then there, … at this rate it’s more of a pocket knife, it’s downright assault. Left you have with the whole earth, but you are not satisfied, so you pick up a new weapon: thebuy links. How can we discover a natural link from a “false” link and then don’t we all have “false links” in life, sometimes forcing us to lie to ourselves?

Your thrust paid off, at least at first. You quickly solidify your dominant position and your pursuers can’t keep up. You even manage to take yourself for what you are not. Success is exciting, the harder the fall. While you pretend to be the king of the world, other courtiers storm the castle. But even more insidious, they’re trying a strategy you hadn’t thought of before: candor. However, luck is with you. The franchise is not an effective weapon quickly, it only pays off in the very long term. Only Lady Google is not insensitive to these attentions and opens the door a little in her great “gentleness” in between. But in order not to be seduced too quickly by desire, she has her two freaks guard the entrance to her charms, accompanied by a third thief, who does not reveal his identity for the time being.

Yesterday king of the world, today almost pariah in the eyes of your sweetheart. You sleep in the stables, where she wanted you to go. By visiting the sites of petty virtues and frolicking too much with the populace, you have become invisible again to the eyes of the lady. Except you’re still here. You haven’t tasted the delights of the sandbox yet, and for all their grand speeches, Penguin and Panda have failed to convince her to fire your manu militari. And that’s where you come up with an idea, a new weapon that isn’t really a weapon: brute strike force: the google bombing.

The best defense is the offense

All those people who care about your loved one, you’ve had enough. You will show who is the strongman of the castle and take down these invaders once and for all. The best way is still to attack first. We are never suspicious enough of those who seem unimportant to us. But to counterattack and win back the beauty’s heart you need weapons and not just a few: you then take out your old dusty trunks and in less time than it takes to tell you have instead literally under siege. By bombing in this way, you have driven these peasants away and increased your lover’s esteem. Who would have thought this trap would still work? And yet no one thinks about it anymore, but the old-timers know the magic formula.
Luck smiles on daring, but will that be enough to consolidate your place with the lady?

Recreate old with new

You are in ecstasy, you are on top of things and Madame lets you play with her toys again. But you know the awkward. Ever since your wanderings in the arms of other seductive women, the Lady has been watching you. Not to mention the two giants, who don’t like to be fooled and who watch the smallest of your missteps. A rumor in the castle announces that a new decree is about to see the light of day: mobility anduser experience seems to be part of it. It seems to be him, the 3rd thief, who was waiting in the dark and eager to get out of the woods. You and your soldiers risk feeling like it passes this one, if it were actually implemented. But for now your mind is busy with something else. The animals of the zoo won’t let you go, impossible to have a bat with these two there. You’re stuck. You need to relax, at least for a while, and you choose insurance: naturalness.

This word comes out of your nostrils, nothing could be less natural than someone trying to be. But the game is not worth the candle. You fall into line. You go there with your little comment, your well-felt press release, publication on other sites. Sometimes you try one or two outside connections, but your lover’s frown warns you. With every little false step, the flag bearers of the ice floe and the imperial porcelain take a step towards you. But the fun is gone. Your union has taken away everything that was the salt of your life…

reform alliances

Every day new suitors enter the castle courtyard and climb up the floors faster than expected. Your old friends, far less clever than you, have ended their lives in prison. The newcomers play Lady Google’s game. And this time it’s she who does it to you upside down. She puts it very gently, there, under your nose. She wants freshness, tenderness, that we love her, the bitch. She changed the rules, your little quirks annoyed her to the point where she became paranoid. They think everyone just wants their golden triangle, the hot zone where all eyes are on. It has intensified border controls: more quality, less quantity. It must be said that her resources are not eternal, she can no longer maintain her garden without cleaning it up, she tries to make us believe. Suddenly she rules by terror, those who are impressed fall into a trap, many of them sing her praises.

You, you are divorced in the meantime. You were wasting your time. You have reconnected with your old conquests, you are now free. But above all, you are free to start a new life. And with what you know, you won’t get caught again. You laugh a lot at the new kids who claim so many things but who, despite the best efforts of convicts, don’t get very high. You’ve even heard of some blindly following Google’s guidelines (there’s been no lady for a long time). A real cult in power. You know how to please him and you have the means to do it. Smart as you are, you are about to grab her from behind again, but this time you will take your precautions and not fall in love again.

Never change what you are, only change how you do it.

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