Marketing: the complete guide to creating an effective strategy!


In this guide, HubSpot explains how to design a coherent marketing strategy in line with your objectives.

To properly launch a new product or enter a new market, companies must necessarily develop a marketing strategy.

Properly implemented, it ensures their success and opens them up to other development opportunities. HubSpot, the CRM specialist, has created a guide to help companies create high-performing marketing strategies.

It discusses the challenges of setting up such an action plan and reveals valuable advice for its successful design.

The different types of marketing strategies

There are as many marketing tactics as there are enterprises. It can be challenging to find your way around, especially to choose the one best suited to your needs.

To help you see more clearly, HubSpot takes a look at the functioning and benefits of the main action plans adopted by marketers.

Among them, is the strategy of concentration. It consists of concentrating marketing efforts in favor of a single target. The goal is to convince and retain a specific segment of customers.

The advantage of this tactic lies as much in the in-depth knowledge that the brand has of the product, the market, and the customer as in the rapid loyalty of the targeted consumers.

Emotional marketing is also a strategy widely used by companies. Its goal is simple: to design a set of values ​​and emotions to create a link between the consumer and the brand. Emotions will push the customer to buy.

However, you must master the art of storytelling, which aims to share a strong message with which the buyer can identify. This serves not only to strengthen the brand image but also to federate and retain consumers.

The steps to follow to design a successful marketing strategy

Once you have identified the marketing strategy you want to put in place, a question arises: how to develop it? In its guide, HubSpot reveals all the steps to follow to create an effective action plan.

The first is to identify its threats, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses (SWOT method).

To do this, it is necessary to take into account the internal characteristics of your company, but also the external ones. This includes in particular the competitive environment and the sector.

This analysis is essential to define a coherent approach to penetrate a market correctly or to reinforce the position of the company on this one.

Once this study has been carried out, it is necessary to be able to target the customers and their needs.

Since a product can address several prospect profiles, it is preferable to use segmentation. This consists of bringing together buyers with similar consumer behavior within the same group.

To better identify the different existing targets, it is wise to make personas. As a reminder, these are imaginary representations that summarize the needs, expectations, habits, and problems of a consumer.

The guide will allow you to learn about the other three essential steps to establish a successful marketing strategy.

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