Once upon a time there was the H1 beacon

beacon H1

Holy beacon H1 who dreamed of standing on a pedestal and who ended up being just a giant with feet of clay. Greek tragedy or modern drama? At a time when everyone is trying to get a spot at the top of the SERPs, the relative ease of using shortcuts has a bright future ahead of it. It is therefore the story of an H1 beacon that was already at the top of the poster.

Once upon a time the H1 beacon, a tag no bigger than the others, but had a hard time living as a simple HTML tag. Every night the same strange dream fell asleep: to be at the top of the poster, where his name would be spread out in fire letters. Yes, but now the alarm clock is still cruel to our little beacon. How exactly do you get to the top of the poster? She then began to seek a solution to her existential problem by all means. There is no doubt that if other beacons have succeeded, why not them. After all, she does wear number 1.

She also remembers her distant cousin, the Meta keywords, former glory of the red carpet, the undisputed queen who for some time became doubtful due to circumstances. U.S H1 beacon, is not stupid, she knows very well that her cousin was intoxicated by success and played the naughty girl too much, she ended up burning her wings. However, the (short-lived) success of her relative soon goes to her head. Her condition no longer suits her with our H1, she dreams of becoming a great actress SERPs and do whatever it takes to succeed.

I could already see myself at the top of the poster

After a few successful attempts, she plunged into the deep end and proclaimed herself queen of web pages with great fanfare. No more hassle, rotten page corners, shabby writing. Now our little H1 tag has grown big. She creates her way and determines her destiny on her own. Intoxicated with success, H1 grows big, gaining worldwide fame. Its importance is underlined everywhere, it connects appearances, it appears in shows, often crowned with success, it must be admitted. It’s not unusual to come across it on a page, sprawled out in big bold letters, challenging other tags for their place.

Its relative ease of use, aided by a glowing speech from certain “specialists”, gives it a divine aura. Everyone uses it, we duplicate it at will, we decorate it, we make it desirable. The little H1 beacon is now a star that everyone smiles at. A queen of optimization, one of the few HTML tags have made a place for themselves in the sun. And then, much to his delight, his cousin, dying, comes to ask him for advice.

In all this turmoil, our H1 failed to notice certain elements that heralded changes.

Death hurts him

Our H1 beacon did not see what will cause the loss: (over)optimization. She was too busy making herself beautiful and desirable in the eyes of millions of SEOs, and she couldn’t negotiate the twist that was coming. Some articles should have tipped him off. She, who was present at the top of every page, should have read what was happening under her feet. The wind began to shift slowly. Rumors began to circulate and gained momentum. One of those allies in those years of success, the title tag, breaks away from her and distances herself from her pushy boyfriend. H1 sees this as snobbery, but doesn’t care. What happens in the shadows does not affect his morale. Why should she have fears or doubts? Everyone will always need it, it is inseparable from a web page and its use for better internal formatting is beyond question.

But H1 forgets (voluntarily?) 2 essential data of its ecosystem:

  • It is controlled by a single entity that decides life and death over all the elements that make up the web
  • Using H1 is humane…sic!

While Title, remains a sure value of the SERPs, being the only visible and clickable beacon in the results, H1 gradually begins its descent (to hell?!). Its heyday is over. What made her better? Over-optimization. A barbaric word she didn’t know and didn’t understand. In its golden years associated with the Title tag and URL of a web page, H1 thought it was forever safe from the fate of its distant cousin. Wanting too much to play with fire, she ended up burning her wings as well.

The end of the break

The end of the recess was already sounded a few years ago. That’s what the boss decided. Over-optimization is a scourge that must be eradicated. Some soldiers fell. As of now, H1 has returned to her relatives (H2, H3, etc…), she has taken a step back. Slowly she resumed her life as she had started it. Without noise. Soft. Without passion. Others now take center stage.

No beacon in sight, just an idea. A simple idea, logical and perpetual, that has existed since the beginning of the web, which has been “rejected” for some time. An idea that never caused a stir or a stir, that quietly took its time to settle in everyone’s mind. A concept we call… Content.

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