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It’s no secret that adding media files like images and videos can make all the difference to the success of your WordPress website. But by the time you add a explainer video here and a few product photos there, all those files can become a nightmare to manage. This is what WordPress media library management plugins love Happy Files take on their full meaning. In this in-depth review of HappyFiles, we take a look at how this dynamic plugin makes it easy to sort, categorize, and locate all your WordPress assets. This includes not only your images, videos, and other media, but also WooCommerce posts, pages, products, and more.

Today, we’ll show you the big difference this low-cost tool can make to your growing WordPress website, describing its key features and how easy it is to use.

Happy Files features

At a very affordable price, HappyFiles Pro offers a host of features that we think surpass even other top media library plugins, such as WP Media folder and Mediamatics.

Like these two top-rated plugins, its main purpose is to let you organize your WordPress content into searchable directories so you don’t have to struggle through hundreds of files to find the photo.

But what sets HappyFiles apart from the crowd is that it takes media management to the next level with the following key features:

Intuitive drag and drop interface

This drag and drop interface, as mentioned before, is a breeze to use, meaning you can move your files around quickly. For us, that in itself is a big selling point. While other media library plugins can be great in theory, they’re often so cumbersome to set up that you might as well not care.

This is not the case with HappyFiles. Even sites with hundreds of images, posts and WooCommerce Items can be fully organized in under an hour with bulk file management, a handy media context menu to manage your categories, and the ability to add as many categories as you like.

The best part is that HappyFiles Pro, unlike other drag and drop based tools, does not slow down your site. It’s purpose-built for speed, with a lightweight design that belies its excellent functionality and feature set.

Customizable sidebar

While the interface makes it easy to manage your entire media collection, you can resize the sidebar if it’s not quite what you want, or disable it altogether.

Effortless integration

HappyFiles pro plugin works with popular editors and page builders like Elementary, visual composer, Diviand more.

Direct uploads to categories

Downloading images and sorting them afterwards can be a hassle. HappyFiles solves this problem by letting you select – and even create – categories during download, saving you even more time managing your media.

Restrict category editing

Don’t want your part-time contributors or novice users to interfere with your neatly curated collection of categories? The Restrict Category Editing feature lets you control who can and can’t use HappyFiles Pro.

Right-to-left (RTL) support.

It is one of the few plugins of its kind that supports right-to-left languages ​​such as Hebrew and Arabic.

Assignment of multiple categories

Not all files fit neatly into a single category. HappyFiles Pro lets you assign multiple categories to each file to make them easier to find.

Free version of HappyFiles

If you want to test it before committing financially, the plugin developer also offers a free version called HappyFiles Lite. While it’s great to give it a try, it only supports up to ten categories and omits many essential features that make HappyFiles unique.

For example, the free version only allows you to manage media files and does not support posts, WooCommerce content, or custom post types.

In addition, the premium version offers priority support and one-click plugin updates, the latter of which is especially important as the developer continues to work on adding new features.

With that in mind, we used HappyFiles Pro for this review, and all of our screenshots are from this version of the plugin.

The first sign that we’re onto a winner with HappyFiles is how easy it is to set up.

To get started, go to the HappyFiles website and click the “Download” link as shown above.

After choosing HappyFiles Pro and going through the payment process, you will be taken to a new page with a direct link to download the plugin.

How to download HappyFiles

Click on it and while you wait for the download to complete, make a note of the license key at the top of the page, as you’ll need it during the installation…

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