SEO is dead! No bowl!


You don’t agree? What ? Everyone says it! So yes, of course as it is me who puts it, because I am not an SEO cador, could I be wrong?!… Phew!!! I don’t care, I know I’m right. SEO is dead, the loose I tell you! Today, the ultimate (of death that kills) is the SMO. And no, it doesn’t mean sexual mental obsession (although with a little digging you may be able to find a connection).

I’m getting a little carried away and my title is a little catchy, but who can blame me? This is one of the pieces of advice given to anyone who wants to talk about it! A good bold headline and everyone will be talking about you (good or bad, but as long as we’re talking about you… about me?!). Well, I don’t really need someone to talk about me, but at least I got your attention ;D

If you come what interests us?

If I’m a bit on my haunches today, it’s because I’m a bit fed up with moral fathers, teachers and all those cuckolds… Community Managers !!! Yes big, the term has been deleted, I’m not afraid of the beast me.

You can’t have a somewhat constructive discussion about natural references anymore without the CM on duty, who comes to tell you how he broke the counters thanks to the last matches in his box. Well what, the guy we gave him a subscription to Spreadbutton and now he thinks he’s the king of oil. I have nothing against Spread and the likes, I use them sometimes (here trying to reconcile with the guy from below who wouldn’t have followed) but should see to make a difference with SEO.

Well, I already see a number of them making leaps and bounds, because for them marketing is inextricably linked to referencing. First news (I’m making enemies again)! If we’re dealing with pure ref, I don’t see what marketing has to do with it. So yeah, we’re in 2014 and I probably need to integrate that it can’t be any other way.

But basically, if I’m not mistaken, SEO is:

  • content (semantics)
  • internal link
  • and links.

No marketing in all this.

Well, then you don’t say anything?

Some will tell me: yes, but it is much easier to generate traffic through social marketing. To which I answer, yes absolutely. Just as it is much easier to generate traffic through Adwords. And all this at a cost. And what a cost!! Maybe the big accounts can afford to spend thousands of euros a month on benefits, but my clients, if I give them the price, I can go to the ANPE (Pôle Emploi for the youngest who read me).

This brings me to the topic that interests us, which is the death of SEO. Because if I’m to believe all the Good Samaritans that abound in this industry (the SMO, huh!), all you need is good software (a bit reductive, I admit) and that’s it. For this reason, it is enough to have a good camera to be an excellent photographer. I don’t know if I’m making myself understood, the red bull doesn’t help with concentration you’ll tell me 😉

The other part of all this is fame. More than that in the mouth, notoriety here, notoriety there. Of course it’s important. But the content may not be important? Before you buy a car, you need to know how to drive! The architecture of a site, the internal mesh, the links, etc… we stop all that and we all become ayatollahs of the SMO. I am not against social media, nor against developments, nor against the advent of means that can make life easier for the SEO that I am, on the contrary, but I believe that before the entire arsenal of perfect little CM is released, a minimum of his classics.

Charles… wait!

There are a whole gang of smart guys (climbers, charlatans, voodoo wizards, etc.) who have felt the blow and smoke up anything that moves with big bangs like: SEO is OCD, Facebook is the TOP! (Yes that is good!). Difficult to walk past your customer afterwards and say to him: yes, but…, because we preceded you to appease you. I’m getting a little carried away, I know, luckily we’re not that far yet. But have you ever tried to partner with an agency or service provider in SMO? Impossible (almost) to agree. Firstly, because it keeps spouting nonsense or pushing doors open. I’ll recreate the scene for you:

The advantage: “What, your site has no sitemap or url rewrite? »

–  The customer: “As you might guess, our website lacks a sitemap and driving directions, which is why we have no visitors!!!

Me: ” No it has nothing to do, it is not mandatory! Just remove the flash, add content and make some good links”

REMARK : Any resemblance to a real event is not coincidental, not at all!

Okay I’ll stop there, I’ve made enough enemies for today. I still like you CMs (real ones, I speak) but still a little indulgence, don’t break sugar for the pleasure of breaking and try to work with good intelligence otherwise shut up if you have nothing to say.

PS: By the way, SEO is not dead. But it will get people clicking I guess, no hard feelings! 😀

once again: Whoever tells me that I chose an image that emphasizes social branding/marketing or whatever, you hear me 😀 or it’s proof that I’m not that bad or that I like to drink from the oasis…

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