The 10 best solutions to generate traffic

Why do most web entrepreneurs fail online? It’s because their sites simply aren’t attracting enough traffic and as the saying goes, no traffic = no sales. (or No Arms = No Chocolate, but that’s another story).

Really, all you need to know is how to get more generate traffic to your site and what will it cost? The answer: nothing.

Of course some frown, but that’s the naked truth.

The 10 solutions to generate quality traffic:

1. Write and submit original, unique articles, not rewritten or non-original content for Internet users.

2. Write and submit press releases. Same as publishing your articles.

3. Write and submit your articles on your blogs. Create a “link wheel” between your blogs, link them together and point each one to the next, and also make sure to create optimized links to your main site, without linking it to other blogs, to give it more weight” .

4. Make sure your site is properly indexed on DMOZ (it’s always good to take):

5. List your site Publish your site in the cities where you market/work/do business/etc.

6. Use your site’s URL as a signature in the discussion forums you frequent, if they allow it.

7. Set up products You can direct some customers to your own site/product by providing your site URL if the item is similar.

8. Research your competitors to try to drive some of their traffic to your site by adding links to your site.

9. Leave a testimonial (with your site’s URL) on sites/forums/blogs (not spam, eh?). If your comment is published, you should get traffic with your URL.

10. Use social networks, Twitter and Facebook. Even if you’ve heard this advice hundreds of times before, trust me, it really works if you take the time to do it. Build a community around your product, site or blog.

In short, be constantly present on the Internet… You will of course have understood that no presence generates traffic, so take advantage of the Internet and its convenience… especially since it is free!

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