WordPress marketing automation and customization

Looking for a way to get started with marketing automation and personalization on your WordPress website?

In our hands Grow mat review, I’m going to take a look at a powerful new marketing tool from Artbees, the same team behind it the popular Jupiter X theme this one we reviewed.

It helps you easily set up automation rules and segment your customers. You can then use visual editors to create website customizations, emails, and popups to connect with your customers.

Overall, I found this to be a very easy entry into marketing automation for WordPress and/or WooCommerce users.

There’s a lot to discuss, so keep reading our Growmatik review to see all the features in action.

Growmatik Review: A Quick Overview of Features

Basically, Growmatik is a marketing automation and customization tool designed specifically for WordPress and WooCommerce.

It helps you analyze and segment your customers and engage with them through three “touchpoints”:

  1. Personalized web content
  2. Emails
  3. Popups

To customize the three points of contact, you get visual drag and drop builders. You can also easily insert dynamic personalized information into all three tools. For example, if you have a WooCommerce store, you can dynamically insert products related to products each user has previously purchased.

You can also easily set up automation rules using a simple builder and get other useful tools like funnel analysis, web analytics, etc. You can see these features in more detail in the how-to section.

Finally, Growmatik is a WordPress-specific tool, so it’s very easy to integrate into your site. All you need to do is install the WordPress.org plugin, give it permission to access your site via the WordPress API, and you’re good to go.

Now let’s get started and I’ll show you how the different parts of Growmatik work.

Create automations with Growmatik

One of the most powerful features of Growmatik is the automation builder. Essentially, the automation builder allows you to trigger certain website changes/actions based on tons of different variables.

You can trigger your automations by conditions such as:

  • Source – for example, a particular UTM tag or a referral URL.
  • User information – their physical location.
  • Device – for example mobile or desktop.
  • date and time
  • If they visited a particular page
  • User Behavior – for example, have they bought a certain product, clicked/opened an email, abandoned their shopping cart, been inactive for a certain amount of time, etc.
  • Segment – you can create custom segments to target (more about that later).
  • Everybody – you can target all users.

You can then choose to perform one of the following four actions:

  • Customize an existing page on your site. In other words, you can change the content of a page, but only for visitors who meet your trigger criteria. You get a simple visual editor to make these changes.
  • Email visitors based on this trigger. You get a visual email builder and you can include a lot of dynamic personalized information in the email.
  • Display a popup on your site. You get a visual popup builder to design these popups.
  • Show visitors a specific page. You can direct visitors directly to a specific page on your site.

When you create an automation, you can choose from three different types of users:

  • Guests – these are anonymous visitors to your site. you do not have their contact details (so you cannot send emails to this group of users).
  • Tracks – these are people whose contact details you have, but who have not made a purchase.
  • Customers – these are people who have actually made a purchase from your store.

When you create a new automation, you can choose from a predefined recipe or create your own custom rule from scratch.

If you open the pre-made recipes you will see automation for different usage scenarios. For example, you might see a recipe for sending a follow-up email after a user’s first order that recommends products similar to what the person ordered:


When you open the custom rule builder, first choose the “If” trigger for your automation from the list I shared above:

You can then choose the “Then” action (depending on your trigger, you may see all four actions):

When you choose the action you want to perform, you will be prompted to open the builder/editor for that action*. Let’s take a look at each option…

*You can also access these editors through a separate “Workshop” section, which allows you to create website customizations, emails, and popups in a different way..

Website personalization editor

The customization of the site is really neat. It allows you to change the content of an existing page on your site based on the trigger.

When you choose the page you want to customize, a live view of that page opens in the visual editor. Then you can fully customize all content on this page using Growmatik…

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